Floral Tote in the Golden Afternoon

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Outfit Details: Vince cardigan (old, similar  here ),  Target cami ,  Paige jeans  (on sale),  Givenchy tote , Vince Camuto heels (old, similar  here )

Outfit Details: Vince cardigan (old, similar here), Target cami, Paige jeans (on sale), Givenchy tote, Vince Camuto heels (old, similar here)

Happy New Year! I know we're already a week into 2018, but since this is my first blog post of the new year I felt it needed to be said. I really do love the holidays, but I'm so glad they're over! It's always the busiest time for me with work, so once January rolls around that means it's time to finally wind down and relax. And that also means more time for the blog! Throughout the months of November and December, it's really rare for Freddy and I to have days off together (which is when we take blog pictures), so that's why I was on a bit of a hiatus for the past two months. I would say it was a nice break, but I was so busy with my full-time job I don't feel like I really got a break at all! Needless to say I'm really excited to get back into a regular posting schedule again, and to make sure you don't miss a post, make sure to subscribe to my email newsletter!

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Now I have a question for you...when you're out and about do you ever come across something that just calls out to you, whether or not it's practical? That's basically what happened to me with this handbag. When I saw it I instantly loved everything about it! The pansy print has so many gorgeous colors throughout, and totally made me think of Alice in Wonderland (definitely a win in my book). When I showed it to Freddy he thought it looked ridiculous haha especially because it's SO big, but since he knew I loved it so much he got it for me for Christmas :) 

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Despite how large it is, I've been carrying it with me everywhere. Plus I know it will be the perfect travel tote when we go on trips, and I can fit a smaller crossbody handbag in there if needed so that I don't have to carry the tote everywhere. I've learned that sometimes buying practical pieces isn't always the answer; I feel like there's more joy in buying something when it just speaks to you and makes you happy! I think that's something I want to focus on more in 2018. Yes, there is a time and place for buying classic things that have a purpose in my wardrobe like a black jacket or a tweed pencil skirt, but this year I want to make more room for fun, unique pieces that make me smile when I wear them. Who else is with me!? Cheers to a colorful, fun-filled new year! xo



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