Printed Silk J. Crew Pants

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Every year when January rolls around, I can’t help but think that Spring isn’t too far off, making me so excited for the flowers to bloom and for warmer weather on the horizon! Thankfully in Arizona, our winter (if you can even call it that!) season doesn’t last more than a few months, so typically by the beginning of March we’re back into 75 degree weather and all is right with the world! I also get so excited to start laying out by the pool again, because there is a very limited window of opportunity to do so, before it feels like you’re actually baking inside of an oven. It’s actually kind of ironic typing out those words, because when we were taking these pictures my fingers were so frozen I thought they were going to fall off!

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bb-pink-green-florals (1 of 1).jpg

I’m already trying to channel those spring vibes with these silk pants I found on sale at J. Crew and I couldn’t resist them! Especially when they were initially $150 and I got them for $35—such a steal! Unfortunately I can’t find them online anymore (sad face!) but they have a gorgeous blouse and blazer in the same print! Would it be too crazy to go matchy-matchy? Probably… They also make this print in a throw pillow! If you really love jungle cats, then I highly suggest you jump on this print before it goes away ;)

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Even though it’s still fairly cold here, I wanted to bring a pop of color to brighten up these chilly winter days. I tend to see so many dark hues associated with winter wardrobes that it’s fun to mix it up with a bright color. It can totally lift your mood! But with spring coming before we know it, I can already picture myself wearing these pants with my favorite espadrilles to really lean into the warmer season. xo