Fourth of July Inspired

I can't believe July 4th is just a few weeks away! It feels like summer is already flying by, even though it hasn't even technically started yet! This special holiday always brings back so many great childhood memories of watching fireworks with my family, barbecuing some amazing food and just enjoying time together. 

It's always on these summer nights, which seem to last forever, that I'm even more reminiscent of the days when life was carefree and summer meant doing absolutely nothing yet anything you wanted all at the same time. I love carrying that feeling with me to this day, even though life is certainly more busy now than it was back then! It's fun to think back on those times and hope that one day when we have our own children, they can have that similar feeling too.

Freddy and I aren't quite sure what our plans are yet for 4th of July. We both have had to work during the day in the past, which is fine with us since we know we aren't missing out on any fireworks! There was one 4th of July though that I will always remember (story time!) from a few years ago! I was driving to work (& super bummed about it) and listening to a local country radio station. They were giving away 4 Disneyland tickets to a random caller, so I decided to just call in because well, it's FREE DISNEYLAND tickets we're talking about here!! And guess what? I actually WON!! It definitely made my entire day, week, and year! It was so fun meeting up with our friends that night to tell them we won & that we wouldn't have to pay for our tickets that year! Still my favorite 4th of July ever :) 

Here in Arizona it's definitely too hot in July to wear jeans (we took this pics on a cooler evening in May--Memorial day to be exact!) but if you're in California or somewhere on the coast, you can probably get away with wearing them ;) There's also so many cute red, white and blue dresses out right now that would be perfect for whatever activities you might have planned for your holiday! I'm linking some of my favorites at the bottom of this post :) 

Do you already have plans for the 4th? Any fun places you'll be traveling to? I'd love to hear in the comments! Have a great weekend!