Spring Shoe Edit: Under $150

Whenever I've taken a quiz that asks me what my favorite season is, my automatic response is "fall, of course!". But there's something about the onset of spring with all the flowers in bloom, and the cool, crisp air starting to get warmer that makes me so excited for the new season! Plus, I love all of the beautiful colors that come along with it, like vivid fuchsias and pastel blues and yellows. Once spring starts to roll around, one of my favorite things to do is update my wardrobe with fresh and exciting new pieces, but particularly my shoes.

I tend to wear darker colored shoes during the winter, and after several months of cold weather, I'm so ready to liven up my collection with some fun colors and styles (read: open-toe sandals!). As we all know, shoes can be expensive, especially if you're adding multiple pairs to your closet. That's why I'm on the hunt for some budget-friendly styles that won't break the bank and are still so cute for spring! Check out my favorites below and let me know what you think! 

Spring shoe edit under 150.jpg

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While I love pieces that I can mix into my wardrobe that don't break the bank, I'm also a girl that loves designer pieces too (much to my husband's dismay lol). I recently was introduced to a new designer, Mercedes Castillo, and her entire spring shoe collection is on point! I love her use of unconventional elements and bold colors, and her price points are pretty moderate compared to other designers of similar quality. I've linked a few of my favorite styles below for you to check out as well! 

Make it a great week!