Men's Style: Allen Edmonds

Hello everybody! Freddy here, the man behind the camera normally. I decided I’m taking over the blog from here on out. Ok well not really, but today we are doing a post on men’s dress shoes and well, since I’m the one wearing them I should be the one to talk about them. 

First things first. Guys, (and girls this is good advice for you too, but instead of dress shoes maybe a nice pair of heels or something? I don’t know I don’t wear women’s shoes so maybe this isn’t great advice for you, sorry...) you need to own a nice pair of dress shoes. No, I am not talking about the $75 pair of Aldo’s you found at Nordstrom Rack. I actually have a pair of said Aldo’s and while they are fine for just normal every day dress shoes that you plan on getting beat up and never polishing, they aren’t going to make you feel like a million bucks. You need to own a pair of dress shoes that will last forever with proper care, and will impress anybody who sees you wearing them. 

Enter in Allen Edmonds. For those of you who don’t know, I am a US history major. When, I found out that Allen Edmonds dress shoes were American made I was sold. It also helps that if people like Poe Dameron from Star Wars the Force Awakens, ok wait, sorry, too nerdy there, Oscar Isaac wears them then they have got to be something good. If that doesn’t sell you on the quality, then maybe the fact that Allen Edmonds has been around since 1922 using the same 212 step process to craft their fine shoes will. 

Today we are featuring the Cornwallis shoe. I must say, this shoe is classy. The burgundy color is something I’ve never thought about wearing, but since we are updating my wardrobe, I figured I should go outside my comfort zone a little. The shoe itself is incredibly comfortable, but they do require you to break them in a little. The name of the shoe is funny as well, named after the famous General Cornwallis who was defeated at Yorktown by us Americans. Oh speaking of Yorktown, they have a shoe by that name as well that I most definitely am planning on getting in their Walnut color at some point. 

Allen Edmonds also makes matching belts for their shoes to help make sure you wardrobe is completely tied together. 

Overall Allen Edmonds Shoes are something every man should own. They are timeless, comfortable, and with proper care will last infinitely longer than those $75 pair of Aldo’s making their investment worth it. Allen Edmonds also has a recrafting process in which they can bring your shoes back to life by refinishing or even replacing worn heels. Men, treat your feet to a nice pair of shoes, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll be as cool as a dude in Star Wars.