Disney Style

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If someone were to ask me what my hobbies are, one of them would have to be Disney. It seems kind of odd to say, but whenever someone brings up Disney in conversation my ears instantly perk up and it's like this fire is ignited inside me. I've loved Disney ever since I can remember--it's essentially part of my DNA! Whether it's movies, music, books or collectibles, I love them all. But if there's one thing I can never get enough of, it's Disney apparel!

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I probably have close to 20 Disney t-shirts, most of them I wear to bed because they are more boxy and over-sized, but I spotted this one (grey version here) on our last Disneyland trip in November and just had to have it! I love the vintage style of the graphic and the classic Mickey Mouse animation; it makes me wish I was alive when Disneyland first opened to experience it and catch a glimpse of Walt Disney walking around to check on things. This is also one of my favorite Disney shirts to wear out with jeans when I'm running errands or meeting up with a friend for lunch. It's even sparked conversation with the check-out guy at Trader Joe's! We were talking about our favorite parts of the park and it totally made my day!

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About a year ago Freddy and I went to Walt Disney World (my shirt in the WDW version here) and I never wrote a full "review" about it. I had initially planned on it, but we moved to Arizona quickly after we got back and then time just flew by so it felt weird to write a post so long after we had gone. We got to experience all 4 parks, and even though it was really fun, it fully confirmed that Disneyland is still my absolute favorite. I'm probably biased because it's the park that I grew up going to (and where Freddy proposed!), but I feel like Disneyland has this special charm that WDW didn't have for me. Disneyland will always be the original park, and whenever I'm there it's like I can feel Walt's presence, as if he's still watching over his beloved kingdom. 

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Disney is one of my favorite sources for inspiration, whether it's a song lyric or looking at different animation styles and thinking about how far the company has come since it's early days. It's amazing to see what one man started and the legacy that he left behind for generations to enjoy for years to come! If I'm ever feeling stuck or like I've hit a road block, I pop in a Disney movie and I instantly feel that spark of inspiration come back. Besides, "adults are only kids grown up, anyway!" xo